Headington Court English and Latin Transcript

The Court Rolls of the Manor of Headington

Part 1 – A View of Frankpledge

& The Headington Manor Court of 1388

English and Latin Transcript

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Part 1 – English Translation

(At) Headington

l1. View (of Frankpledge) held at this place at the octave, the first Thursday after the feast of St George in the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard II after the conquest


l3. John Harold, Head-Tithingman of the same place presents that all is well


l4. Alexander Heryot, Head-Tithingman of the same place (Barton) presents that John Mayfly (6 d.) received John atte Hull contrary to the assize, and that William Smith (6 d.) received John, his son.

I5. likewise presents the water of Donnebrook is diverted from its course, in defence of the tithing of Barton and therefore the tithing is in mercy and the order is to repair it under penalty (for noncompliance) of the court of 40 d. And that Henry Colles received a certain John, a stranger/foreigner contrary to the assize, therefore he is in mercy


l7 William Thurston and William Goyndon Head-Tithingmen of that place, present that John Dosyer (6 d.) Roger Wyatt (6 d.) defaulted in attendance so therefore they are in mercy.

l8. And that John Dosyer (6 d.) received Robert Judde and John Bennet (6 d.) received William Hart and Richard Long received John Brigg.

l9. And that the Master of St John’s (Hospital) (6 d.) received Richard Bennet and William Domiton and William Clockmaker contrary to the assize therefore he is in mercy.

I10. Likewise presented a ditch is not maintained next to Harold’s Lane, in defence, John Bennet. (6 d.) therefore the same John is in mercy.

Ale Tasters (Headington)

l11. John Mayfly and Richard Longe, Ale Tasters, present that John Harold (7 d.), Henry Collys, John Mayfly (6 d.), Alexander Heryet (6 d.), William (Sifton) (6 d.)

l12. Richard Bailey, John Chaparkeyn (Chaplain?) (6 d.), Matthew Taylor ( 7 d.) , Richard Bennet (6 d.) a cooper (Bareller), jointly with Richard Stein (6 d.), jointly with Robert Woburn

l13. Jointly brewed and broke the assize therefore these are in mercy. And that Richard Allen (6 d.) brewed and broke (the assize) and that William Donton sold (ale) at an (unfair) profit.

l14. Likewise presented two young horses have been brought in from the outside, order is (10 d.)


l15. Robert Nicholl and Robert Alnent head-tithingmen present that Geoffrey with Fical (Nicholl?) (6 d.) received William Gentelinan at that John Sif-ton

l16. received Richard Bevan, and that Robert Sporionr received John Horncastle, and the same Robert (6 d.) received (6 d.)Robert his son and Geoffrey


l17. Strainton (6 d.) received John Brown, and that Thomas Bastard (6 d.) received John Hythehard. And that Hugo Kors (6 d.) received John Salton, <name> Webb (6 d.) received Richard Fisher outside of the assize therefore they are in mercy (l18)

l18. and that Nicholas Ha??d justly raised a hue and a cry against Roger (6 d.) and the same Roger is in mercy. And that the same Roger unjustly (6 d.) drew the same Nicholas’s blood, therefore the same Roger is in mercy. At that a..

l20. Croft Ditch is not cleaned in defence, Andrew Rener (6 d.) therefore he is in mercy. And that Rigges Ditch is not cleaned, in defence, John H… (6 d.) … (is in) mercy.

l21 And that the Prior of Saint Frideswides (6 d.) has raised a ditch on the King’s highway therefore he is in mercy. And that the Master of St John’s (Hospital) (6 d.) has blocked a drain with hedges next to the (river) Alde and therefore the same master is in mercy. ( And that Master..)

Ale Tasters present

l23 Nicholas Fisher and John Hyotes, Ale Tasters present that Robert Alner (6 d.) and Richard Rolf (6 d.) and Robert Godcote (7 d.) and Richard Chystally ( 6 d.) and ???? Bailey (6 d.), Johanna Fabian (6 d.) and John Gilbert ( 6 d) commonly Thomas Bastard commonly brewed and broke the assize, therefore the same are in mercy.

l28 – Twelve Jurors, namely:

William Miller     Henry Colles       Thomas Strong

Hugo Corto         Robert Woburn Richard Rotle

John Gilbert       John Chaplain    William Hardekill

John Martin        John Colles         John Bennett

l28 Jurors present he, Thomas Symms (6 d.) received John, his son, outside of the assize.(?) (rm)

l29 therefore he, and the Head-Tithingman (6 d.) of Barton are in mercy and present that all else is well. (rm)

l30 Now of the Court Baron (Curia Pavia) held in (the same) octave (of St George) on the day and year above.

l31 Absences

( 6 d.) Walter Benham plaintiff against the Vicar of Headington in a plea of trespass according to William Atte Miller, and Robert Godcote submits himself in mercy for a licence to agree with Alan Cornel in a plea of debt therefore he is in mercy.

l33 John Smith (6 d.) submits himself in mercy for a licence to agree with John Dryer in a plea of trespass, and therefore he is in mercy

l34 Chier(?) defends himself before John Harold and John Chaplain in a plea of trespass, and also plaintiff John Chaplain plaintiff, and John Ingels defendant continues at the next (court) “prece partium” without absence (essoin)

l36 William Thurston submits himself for a licence to agree with Alexander Heriot in a plea of a broken covenant

l37 William Chyselhampton (6 d.) submits himself for a licence to agree with Henry Colles in a plea of trespass.

l38 William Thurston (6 d.) submits himself for a licence to agree with Alexander Heriot (XREF L36)

l39 Thomas Fletcher gives (of) the fine for his suit remitted until the next View (8 d.)

l40 Geoffrey Brinton gives the fine to prepare his defence until the next View (8 d.)

l41 John Dosier was attached, to the first appointed days,[fn1] plaintiff and does not come, therefore he and his pledges are all in mercy and the order is the aforesaid is distrained against the next (court)


l42. John Hardkill gives his fine in his suit in order that he may be able to resign from the office of constable and the same John is unelected(?)

l42a John Harald and John Chaplain (are elected)

l43 William Cock is elected to the office of Ale Taster for Marston and beyond

l44 Recompensation – Thomas Hainton came to this court and carried his writ of repossession, let it be known in this document it is sworn, annexed, versus John Wildgon ……

l45. at the next court from Thursday from this day in three weeks

l46. Thomas Clerk (6 d.) submits himself to the court for a trespass made with twenty sheep, Pledge Haylbard

l47. John Waddon (6 d.) submits himself for council with the court (re) Pledge Haylbard

l48. John Bishop (2 d.) submits himself for council in defence about a young horse – Pledge Ball

l49. Agnes Spicer puts John Spicer in her place

Assessors of the Court

Willam Atte Miller

Robert Woburn

Thomas S(trong)

Sum of the profits of the view and court …


Part 2 – Latin Transcription

1 . Visus cu[m] [octavam] tent[a] ibidem die Jovis p[ro]x[ima] post festii s[an]c[t]i (Sancti)Georgii anno regni regi[s] Ric[ardo] [s[e][con]d[i] post conquestu[m]

  1. xi


  1. Joh[ann]is Harald decenar[ius] ib[ide]m p[re]s[entat ] om[n]ia b[e]n[e]


  1. Alex[ande]] Heryot decen[a]r[ius] ib[ide]m p[re]s[entat] q[ue] Joh[annis] vi d Mayfay recep[i]t Joh[anne]m atte Hull[am] [con][tr]a assis[am] Et q[uo]d Will[elmu[s] Smyth recep[i]t joh[annem] fil[ium] sua[m]

5.it[em] p[re]sent[at] q[uo]d aqua de Donnebrok e[st] remor[atus] ex[tr]a cursu[m] in defen[sione] decene vii d de Barton i[de]o decena in m[isericordia] et p[re]c[eptum] q[ue] emendat[io]

  1. visu[s] sub pena xl d Et q[uo]d henr[icus] Collys vi d recept[i]t que[n]d[am] Joh[ann]em ex[tr]aneu[m] [contr]a assis[am] i[de]o in m[isericordia]


  1. Will[elmus] Thursten & Will[elmus] Godyndon decenar[ii] ib[ide]m p[re]s[entant] q[ue] Joh[ann]is Dosyer vii d Rog[eris] Wy[ue]ot fecer[unt] defaltu[m] i[de]o ips[e] in m[isericordia]
  2. Et q[ue] Joh[ann]is Dosyer vi d recep[i]t Rob[er]tu[m] Gudd[us] Judde et Joh[annis] Benet vi d recep[i]t Will[elmum] Hert et que Ric[ardus] longo ii d recep[i]t Joh[annem] Brygg
  3. Et q[uo]d magist[is] s[an]c[t]i Joh[ann]is vi d recep[i]t 1 Ricard[um] Benet et Will[el]m[um] Domiton et Will[el]m[um] Clokmaker [con][tr][a] assis[am] i[de]o ip[s]e in m[isericordi[a]
  4. Ite[m] p[re]s[entant] una[m] fouea[m] no[n] mu[n]dat[ur] apud haraldeslane in defen[sione] joh[ann]is Benet vi d i[de]o id[em] joh[ann]is in m[isericordi][a]
  5. lm. Atasta[tores]
  6. Joh[annis] Mayfay et Ric[ardus] longe atast[ast]ores p[re]s[entant] q[ue] Joh[annis] Harald vi d [et] henr[icus] Collys vi d [et] Joh[annes] Mayfay vi d [et] alex[ander] Heryet iii d [et] Will[iamus] iv d Si?yfton [et] …
  7. Ric[ardus] Bayly vi d [et] Joh[annis] Chapurffkyn vi d [et] Matheus Taylo[r] vi d [et] unu[m] Barell, Ric[ardus] Benet vi d co[mmun]it[er] Ric[ardus] Styn vi d co[mmun]it[er] Robe[rtus] Woburn
  8. co[mmun]iter bras[erunt] et fr[angerunt] assis[am] i[de]o ip[s]i in m[isericordia] Et quad Ric[ardus] Alayn iv d / bras[iaverunt] et fr[egerunt] et que Will[iamus] Donton vi d regrat[i]t
  9. It[em] p[re]s[entant] duos pull[os] p[ro]ve[n]ient[is] de extranr[um] p[re]c[eptum] (est) x d

15.lm Mershton

  1. Rob[er]t[us] Nicol et Rob[er]t[us] Alnent dec[enari] de Mersthton p[re]s[entant] q[ue] Galfrid[us] c[um] Fical vi d recepi[un]t Will[iamum] Gentelinan et q[ue] Joh[annis] sif[u..]ton
  2. recep[i]t Ric[ardum] bivan Et q[uo]d Rob[er]t[us] vi d Sporionr vi d recep[i]t Joh[annem] hornecastell Et q[ue] id[e]m Rob[er]t[us] vi d r[e]c[ipit] Rob[er]tum fi[ius] suo[s] Et Galfridus
  3. Srainton vi d r[e]c[epit] Joh[annem] Brum[n] Et q[uo]d Thomas Bastard vi d r[e]c[epit] joh[annis] hythehard. Et q[ue] Hug[o] Kors vi d r[e]c[epit] Joh[annem] Saltlon [???]
  4. Webb ii d r[e]c[epit] Ric[ardum] ffysther ext[r]a assis[am] i[de]o ip[s]i[s] in m[isericordi]a Et q[uo]d Nicholaus h?a??rd iust[e] levavit outhes[iu][m] sup[er] rog[er]o iv d
  5. id[e]m Rog[erus] in m[isericordi]a Et q[uo]d id[e]m Rog[erus] vi d iniuste t[ra]x[e]r[i]t sang[ui]n[em] de eod[e]m Nicho[l]o i[de]o id[em] Rog[erus] in m[isericordi]a. Et q[uo]d una
  6. croftdyche non mu[n]dat[as] in defen[sione] Ade Rener vi d i[de]o i[n] m[isericordi]a Et q[uo]d Ryiggesdych[e] no[n] mundat[us] in defensione J[oh[ann]is h.. vi d
  7. Et q[uo]d prior vii d s[an]c[t]e ffrydeswyde levavit una[m] fovea[m] in via[m] regia[m] i[de]o ip[s]e in m[isericordi[a]. Et q[uo]d magist[er] s[an[c]t]i Joh[ann]is vi d obstup[avit] sila[m] et r?con cu[m]
  8. sep[ibus] apud le ald[em] et i[de]o id[e]m magist[us] in m[isericordi[a] Et q[uo]d magist[us]

23.lm p[re]s[entant] atast[astores] servisi[[a]e

  1. Nichol[ous] ffyssthe et Joh[annis] Hyoles atast[astores] servisi[a]e p[re]s[entant] q[ue] Rob[er]t[us] alner vi d [et] ric[ard]us Rolf[us] vi d. [et] rob[ert]us Godcote [et] ric[ardus] Chyrtally vi d. et
  2. Brayley vii d Joha[n]na ffybyin vi d .1. Joh[annes] Gylbart[us] ii d co[mmun]it[er] Thomas Bastard v d co[mmun]iter bras[iaverunt] et fr[egerunt] assisa[m] i[de]o ip[s]i in m[isericordi[a]

(l.25 – l.27 not present)

  1. lm Duodecim Jur[atores] videli[cet]
  2. rm. Jur[atores] p[re]s[entant] ip[se] Thomas Symmes vi d.rec[epit] johan[nem] filiu[m] sua[m] ex [assisam]
  3. rm. i[de]o ip[s]i et dec[ennarius] in vi d de Barton in m[isericordi[a] et p[resentat] [o[mn]ia alia b[e]n[e]

William[us] atte Mille[r]

Hug[o] Corto

Joh[annis] Gylbard

Joh[annis] Martyn

Henr[icus] Colles

Rob[er]t[us] Woburn[us]

Joh[annis] Chap[er]lyn

Joh[annis] Colles

Thomas Stronge

Ric[ardus] Rotle

Will[iamus] Hardekyll

Joh[annis] Benet

  1. modo de p[ar]va [octav]o tent[a] die et anno p[re]dict[o]
  2. Esso[n]ii Walt[erus] Benh[a]m quer[ens] v[er]sus vicar[ium] de Hedyndon in pl[ac]i[t]o t[ra][nsgressio][ni]s p[er] William[um] atte Mill[er]
  3. Rob[er]tus Godcote po[ni]t se in m[isericordi]a pro lic[encia] c[oncordandi] cu[m] Alano atte Cornel in pl[ac]i[t]o deb[it]i i[de]o ip[s]e in m[isericordia]
  4. Joh[annis] Smythes vi d po[ni]t se p[ro] lic[encia] con[cordandi] cu[m] Joh[ann]e Dry[er] in pl[ac]i[t]o t[[ra][nsgressio][ni]s i[de]o ip[s]e in m[isericordia]
  5. Chier ant[e] Joh[ann]em Haralde et Joh[ann]em Chap[re]leyn defend[i]t in pl[ac]i[t]o t[ra]nsgressio[ni]s et ecia[m] quer[ens] Joh[ann]is Chapraleyn quer[ens] et Joh[nnis] Halsals defend[ens]
  6. continuat [con][tr]a p[ro]x[iam] (curium) p[re]ce p[ar]tiu[m] sine esson[ia]
  7. Will[iamus] Thursten po[ni]t se p[ro] li[cencia] con[cordandi] cu[m] Alexandro Heryot in pl[a]c[it]o conve[n]cio[n]is fract[io] continuat [con][tr]a p[ro]xime p[re]ce p[ar]tiu[m] sine esson[ia]
  8. Will[iamus] Thursten po[ni]t se p[ro] li[cencia] con[ordandi] cu[m] Alexandro Heryot in pl[a]c[it]o conve[n]cio[n]is fract[io]
  9. Will[iamus] Chyselhampton vi d po[ni]t se p[ro] li[cencia] con[cordandi] cu[m] Henricio Colles in pl[a]c[it]o tr[ansgression]is
  10. Will[iamus] Thursten po[ni]t se se p[ro] li[cencia] con[ordandi] cu[m] Alexandro Hyryet
  11. Thomas Fflecher dat de fin[is] p[ro] sect[a] sua relaxand[am] usq[ue] ad p[ro]x[ima]m vis[um] viii d
  12. Galfridus Brynton[us] dat de fin[is] pro consili[o] usq[ue] ad p[ro]x[imam] vis[um] viii d
  13. Joh[annis] vi d Dosyer attach[us] fuit ad diiem[??] p[re]di[ct]us? quer[ens] et no[n] ve[ni]t i[de]o ip[s]e et pleg[ii] om[nia] in m[isericordia] et p[receptum] e[st] ip[su]m] dit [con]tr]a p[roximam] (curium)
  14. lm electo
  15. Joh[annis] Hardekylle dat de fin[is] i[n] sect[a] sua ut possit moneri ab officiu[m] constabular[ii] et id[e]m Joh[annis] ulito ? e[st] .. elu ff[er]es

42a. ??? Joh[annis] harald et joh[annis] chap[er]lyn ??? ??? con(stabul)

  1. Will[iamus] Cocke electus est ad officiu[m] atast[atoris] s[e]rvisie de merstheton[i] et in[f]r[a]
  2. R[e]con][pensio] istam cur[iam] venit Thomas Heynton et port[us] sua[m] br[ev]e de r[ec]to v[er]sus Joh[ann]em Wyldgon …….
  3. (ad) p[ro]x[imam] vi[sus] ab die Joviis ab isto die ad tres septi[m]a[n]us
  4. Thomas Clerk vi d po[n]it se pro tr[angression]e fact[a] cu[m] XX bident[ibus] pleg[ius] Haylbard
  5. Joh[annis] Waddon vi d po[n]it se p[ro] consili[o] cu[m] cur[iam] re pl[egius] haylbard
  6. Joh[annis] Byishop ii d po[nit] se p[ro] consili[o] i[n] le defens[ione] cu[m] uno pullo pl[egius ball
  7. Agneta Spyser ponit in loco suo Joh[ann]em Spyser
  8. Su[mm]a p[er]q[ui]sitii istius vis[us] et cur[ie]


Fn1 The translation of this is very difficult – master? Sunday? Appointed days? The grammar does not work.

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