29 Old High Street Appeals

The Planning Appeals – 29, Old High Street

The Planning Inspectorate is holding a hearing on 11 Feb 2014 regarding the appeals lodged against refusal of planning permissions at 29, Old High Street lodged by the owner, as already tweeted by others.

The only way to represent is to ask the Inspector if you may represent, alternatively, it was suggested to me, one avenue may be to ask the Council to submit your representation – but this has not been confirmed by the Council.

The planning notice has been rather difficult to understand, so it may be helpful to provide the summary I received from the Council today – essentially there are three appeals to be heard, one for each of the planning applications below.

You may need to login into Oxford City Council Planning site first for these links to work at:


And enter the three Planning Application numbers below:

13/00880/FUL  or click http://bit.ly/1exJZWf

13/00881/CAC or click  http://bit.ly/1eh53UB

13/00317/CPU or click http://bit.ly/1exJZWf

Further information can be obtained either from:

planningappeals@oxford.gov.uk , planning@oxford.gov.uk or the Planning Inspectorate:

Ben White 0303 444 5589

Full Information Of Appeal Provided in Council Letter To Those Who Represented

Notification of Planning Inquiry Site Address: 29 Old High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire
Appeal Reference: APP/G3110/A/13/2205149
Description of Development: Partial demolition of existing house and demolition of existing garages and outbuildings. Erection of two storey side and rear extension. Provision of new access, car parking and turning area. Rebuilding of stone boundary wall fronting Old High Street.(Planning Application reference: 13/00880/FUL)
Appeal Reference: APP/G3110/E/13/2205151
Description of Development: Partial demolition of existing house, boundary wall and complete demolition of existing garages and outbuildings.(Planning Application reference: 13/00881/CAC)
Appeal Reference: APP/G3110/X/13/2201840
Description of Development: Application to certify that proposed conversion and extension of existing house to form 2×2 bed flats (Class C3) and erection of 3 new buildings to form 2×2 bed and 1×1 bed dwellings (Class C3) is lawful development. (Planning Application reference: 13/00317/CPU)

I will not personally representing as it is an issue I feel has received much attention by others, but it seems to be the communication from the Council has been less that clear for members of the public.

Hope this helps.

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